I am excited to be a collaborator on the recently published research article from the Zhang lab and others. Many faculty, staff, and students contributed to this work on cardiovascular disease and the search for treatments to protect and repair the heart:

Greco, Lisa V., Allan Migirov, Kaie Ojamaa, Ying Li, Yuan Huang, Satoru Kobayashi, Lars Udo-Bellner, Randy Stout, Todd J. Cohen, and Youhua Zhang. “Stabilizing Cardiac Ryanodine Receptor with Dantrolene Treatment Prevents Binge Alcohol Enhanced Atrial Fibrillation in Rats.” Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology (2022).


The VR Interest Group meeting that I began in 2018 with Aleks Vasilyev has been restarted and rebranded as the VR-AI Interest Group Meeting. I will post announcements here and to the homepage of the Stout lab website for future meetings. Please email me if you would like to attend in-person or get the Zoom link.

At the next meeting I hope to demo the new and improved passthrough capabilities of the Meta Quest Pro, allow people to try out the Theia Markerless Motion capture system, demo the VR exercise applications that Edward Piscitelli has been working on with me, and discuss the bourgeoning field of AI-generative art.

We had a great presentation by DO/PhD student Melody Young showing the work she is doing in the lab Dr. Michael Granatosky’s in the NYITCOM Anatomy Department. The presentation was in the CBI space at NYIT and on Zoom. Melody is using the deep neural network-based tool DeepLabCut to extract data from videos. Here research has been recently featured in high-profile scientific news:,function%20as%20a%20third%20limb


Presented an e-poster on our uses of VR technology to teach neuroanatomy and cellular neuroscience at the 2020 Cell Bio (ASCB annual meeting) which was all online this year.

 E. Piscitelli,J. Jose, N. Frangella, M. Messmer, C. Bodden, S. Dave, R. F. Stout. Virtual Reality to Teach Cellular Neuroscience for Medical Education. American Society for Cell Biology 2020, virtual poster presentation, December 14th, 2020.


Presented an e-poster at the NYAS event on synthetic biology on our collaboration with David Spray and Antonio Cibelli at Einstein College of Medicine in which we developed and tested strategies to better visualize and record activity of gap junctions.


Collaborator and good friend Alex Vasilyev retires from his position as Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Biomedical Innovation (CBI). I (Randy Stout) takes over as CBI director. We all wish the best for Alex in his retirement.


With the help and expertise of my cousin Kevin Orth (engineer at Filabot), several small business owners, and other 3D printing enthusiasts we prototyped parts that helped many people avoid ventilators during the worst of the spring pandemic in NY.  Many others at NYIT assisted with printing PPE as described at this link:


Our pilot of the VR-based Neuroanatomy lab extra activity was going well until the pandemic hit.

Students explored anatomy in VR environments built by other students the previous summer:



The new single molecule (STORM, PALM, smTracking) and Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM) microscope is up and running in my lab as part of the new NYIT Imaging Center which I am serving as Director. So far we’ve been getting very nice multi-channel STORM images with tissue sections and fluorescent protein-tagged gap junctions.

The ONI Nanoimager and the service team have definetly surpassed my expections so far.

I am very excited to have access to this new microscope and all of the experiments we are able to do with it.


It was nice to reconnect with many long-time friends and present my gap junction research at the ISN-ASN Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada.

If you have not attended before you should consider registering to attend the 2020 American Society for Neurochemistry meeting in St. Charles Missouri in April.


We wrapped up the VR neuroantomy fellowship with a fun VR sculpting tournament. It was an exciting contest and all the participants did well. In the end, Maddie Messmer’s take on healing and disease with a plaque doctor and skeleton scene won top prize (a gift card and 3D printed trophy).

This was a fun way to cap all the hard work that the medical students did to build digital anatomy material for the VR neuroanatomy learning application we are developing.


A nice profile of a former student researcher and member of the Stout lab (Olivia Albert) was recently posted on NYIT’s news feed:

Olivia worked in my lab at NYIT on the heterotypic gap junction endocytosis project and worked with my collaborator David C. Spray at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program looking at mobility of gap junction and tight junction proteins.

I’m wishing Olivia all the best in her bright future as a researcher!


Collaborators, friends and family all showed up for the annual Maker Faire in Queens. My collaborator Alex and the medical students  showed off his robotic bioprinter. I just tagged along to help with crowd control at the NYIT booth.


We wrapped up the super-resolution microscope demo from the great team from Oxford Nanoimaging. The Nanoimager and the team behind it are truly amazing!



Randy attends and presents a poster at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Single Molecule meeting. There were lots of neat new microscopy systems shown and it was great to meet some researchers from other Long Island institutions who are working in this field.


We had a great VR Interest Group Meeting at the Library on the NYIT Old Westbury campus. Excellent discussion on upcoming educational events involving VR that will be taking place next year.


Olivia Albert (NYIT undergraduate student) presented the results of her research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) at a poster session where she showcased the exciting work she performed in Professor David Spray’s laboratory over the course of the past two months.



I presented the cell and molecular biology portion of my research at the poster session at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meeting: Glia in Health & Disease. This was a great meeting with many exciting presentations on the newest research on glia.


We had a great seminar at NYIT by invited speaker Dr. Ian Kimbrough from Virginia Tech. It was great meeting with Ian and everyone enjoyed his presentation on the vasculature of the brain.


My collaborators Dr. Alex Vasilyev and the medical scholars students Ivan Bandovic and Dylan Carmichael and I had a great time demoing some of the Virtual Reality technology prototypes we are developing to allow future medical students to explore physiology and anatomy in an immersive and interactive virtual environment at the annual New York City Creative Tech Week event at the NYIT Manhattan campus. I’d like to give a big thank you to those in the other NYIT departments who helped make this event happen and to those who took the time to stop by and check out our ongoing work in this exciting area.


Olivia Albert (NYIT undergraduate student) showed off her recent work analyzing image data to study gap junctions at the SOURCE event at the New York Institute of Technology Manhattan Campus. There were many exciting posters shown by students and faculty from many different departments at NYIT.



The monthly VR Interest Group Meeting. We discussed 3D scanning technology from the microscopic to buildings and scenery- but mostly focusing on biological samples on the scale of 1cm to 3m. Next month we will prepare for our NYC Tech week exhibit.


I had a great time at the American Society for Neurochemistry. It was held at UC Riverside (where I started graduate school) and was presided over by my grad school mentor Vlad Parpura. It was nice to hear some great science, visit with old friends and make a few new ones.


My brother Warren published a podcast in which we discuss ways my background in wrestling and science relate. Thanks Warren!

If you are in the Pittsburgh area and would like to train Jiu Jitsu, Muy Thai, Kickboxing, or do some fitness classes visit: