VR Interest Group News

Please post comments and news relevant to our group below:

July 2021:

The July 2021 VR interest meeting was virtual! We had a special meeting in which we announced the winner of this year’s Center for Biomedical Innovation Design Challenge- Supported by the Hyman Family Foundation. Parker Mixon’s winning submission to the Design Challenge of a VR application to allow trainers and therapists to connect remotely in a virtual reality space to provide boxing and other MMA-striking type training for exercise therapy and sports performance improvement was very impressive.
We had a great follow-up conversation with students and faculty about how we can use these and similar tools to help people with Parkinson’s disease and people on the autism spectrum to use exercise to decrease unwanted aspects of those conditions.
We are planning another VR interest meeting for August so please email Randy Stout if you would like to attend or suggest a topic for discussion!

November 2021:

After a pause, we had a nice VR interest group meeting in November mostly focused on photogrammetry and 3D scanning with hands-on tutorials by Dr. Alex Vasilyev on how to perform photogrammetry and 3D scanning.

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